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Kevin and Fred's NEXT LEVEL Podcast

Feb 18, 2020

Ben Kinney launches new brand-agnostic platform

Place Inc. will handle a variety of business tasks for teams, which will be able to keep their existing branding and remain in their brokerages.


The new platform meant to help teams deal with an array of business tasks while also allowing them to keep their...

Feb 17, 2020

About the Episode

On this episode, I’m joined by tech entrepreneur, and founder of Yodle Inc and OJOLabs, John Berkowitz, a man who is revolutionizing how consumers make decisions with what he calls “the most expensive refrigerator magnet for agents.” After starting Yodle in college and growing it to a tech brand...

Feb 13, 2020

All successful realtors have one thing in common.


For most of us, we learned this lesson early on...


For others. It took longer! 


The good news is, that you can choose to dive into this today and see yourself up for success.