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The Kevin and Fred Show 

Sep 16, 2019

About the Episode

On this episode, I’m joined by inspirational entrepreneur, speaker, podcast host and co-founder of GoBundance, Pat Hiban. He has built an incredible legacy that goes beyond real estate and business. He has put work into helping other entrepreneurs build legacies and inspired the masses by showing what it takes to have staying power in entrepreneurship. Pat has done the leg work in the real estate business, including being a pioneer in the realm of building a real estate team, growing a team of 54 members, losing almost all his savings in the stock market crash, and building it all back up from the ground. Now, he’s on a mission to inspire people and provide much needed mentorship to those who need it. He wrote “6 Steps to 7 Figures, A Real Estate Professional’s Guide Building Wealth and Creating your Destiny.” He co-founded GoBundance, a mastermind organization that has grown to 200 members. He has taken this further by writing a second book Tribe of Millionaires, in which Gobundance members share valuable life lessons. 

In our industry, one of the things that’s really lacking is the combination of hard work and consistency, and as a result, many agents are failing to build businesses that have long-term success. Another big issue is the lack of mentorship for all of the agents. Pat and other top-producing entrepreneurs are evidence that success requires us to roll up our sleeves, stay consistent and persistent, put ourselves around the right people. “Proximity is power, and it does matter who we hang out with. We can all get better from the sum of our parts.” 


In Today’s Episode, We Talk About;


02:54 - How Pat grew a team of 54 people. 

08:19 - Marketing campaigns, main lead levers and the value of follow-up.

16:53 - How Pat lost $800k in retirement savings in the stock market crash and bounced back. 

22:06  - Pat’s new book, Tribe of Millionaires  

27:50 - The value of masterminds

Guest Info


Pat Hiban is an Author, Speaker, Podcast Host of Real Estate Rockstars and Co-founder of GoBundance. He is also an avid real estate investor, and a venture capitalist. 



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