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The Kevin and Fred Show 

Jan 6, 2020

About the Episode

On this episode, I’m joined by real estate overachievers and leaders of Realty by Monica, Chris and Monica Foster one of the most highly-rated real estate teams in Houston. After moving to a completely new area, where they had zero database, they managed to build a $90 million volume business, and gain a great position and build momentum in a short space of time. Their story and their success is unique not just because of the timeframe of it, but because right from the start they focused on the client experience and value, not ratings and volume. The most incredible thing that happened is that focusing on the client first, brought the number 1 rating, and the volumes. 


The amount of pressure there is on our industry is being felt, especially in shrinking profit margins and commissions get driven down. Contrary to a lot of the panic out there, this doesn’t have to mean disaster for us. It’s key that we think of business differently so that we’re finding opportunities to keep growing our businesses. 



In Today’s Episode, We Talk About;


01:03 - The team set up that Monica and Chris have, and how they built a massive business in 

02:59 - How Chris transitioned from a job at NASA to real estate. 

09:25 - How they were able to start their real estate operations without a database. 

14:16 - Why the client experience comes before us focusing on volumes and ratings. 

17:07 - Zillow lead generation best practices. 

19:40 - How the roles have evolved as the business has grown. 

23:27 - What Monica and Chris are most excited about going into 2020 and beyond. 

Guest Info


Monica is a licensed Broker in the State of Texas and lead of the Monica Foster Team, specializing in Residential Real Estate in the Houston Bay Area. The Team is consistently one of the top teams in Houston and the entire U.S. For more information, visit