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The Kevin and Fred Show 

Oct 7, 2019

About the Episode

On this episode, I’m joined by NRT President and CEO, Ryan Gorman, a leader who astutely observes what’s happening in real estate, makes decisions effectively while making sure everyone buys into the path the business is taking. In this capacity he is responsible for the day-to-day operations of NRT’s company-owned brokerage operations doing business under the Coldwell Banker® brand. The 2019 Swanepoel Power 200 recognized Gorman as the 12th most powerful leader in residential real estate.


In his role, he pulls together different cultures, has to make decisions that will have a large ripple effect on the lives and business of other people. He understands the importance of listening, learning and pivot quickly, making our people emotionally comfortable with our decision making process and conveying the right idea of leadership. 

Since joining NRT, Gorman has worked with the leadership team to craft and refine new strategic and operating plans throughout the company, in addition to launching NRT’s property management business. During his Realogy career, Gorman led the company’s strategic acquisition of ZipRealty as well as Title Resource Group’s acquisition of the title insurance agency and title insurance underwriting operations of Texas American Title Company and Cartus’ acquisition of Primacy Relocation.

Prior to joining NRT in May 2012, Gorman was the Corporate Senior Vice President and Head of Strategic Development for Realogy Corporation, NRT’s parent company. In that role, he oversaw strategic development and merger and acquisition activities for Realogy and its four business units. Gorman was the driving force behind TRG’s acquisition of Texas American Title Company, Cartus’ acquisition of Primacy Relocation and NRT’s acquisition of Coldwell Banker Preferred in Philadelphia. He also contributed significant strategy work for Realogy’s world-renowned brands and franchisees.

Before joining Realogy in 2004, Gorman held advisory and principal investment roles with PricewaterhouseCoopers, Credit Suisse, and The Blackstone Group.  

The decisions leaders make affect the lives and livelihoods of people, so it’s key that we make the most informed ones possible. When we make a decision, we have to be thoughtful about how we make it, take in lots of information, and allow for people to add their voices to the decision. It’s about balancing the act of making decisions fast with confidence, but also reevaluating when things don’t go as planned and pivoting so that in any event our people benefit. 

In Today’s Episode, We Talk About;

- Moving from Silicon Valley major acquisitions to the real estate industry. 

- How Ryan makes decisions running a big company where each choice has a ripple effect.

- Why a lot of leaders don’t want honest feedback from their people.

- The tools that can help leaders and organizations make decisions more effective 

- How to make our people emotionally comfortable with our decisions and decision making process.

- How to pick the right tech tools. 

- Ryan’s tip for living a happier and more successful life.