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The Kevin and Fred Show 

Oct 17, 2019

Today I want to talk about how we finish 2019 strong and it’s not about new goals or some new’s about going to where the most powerful information on the planet is that will insure you finish 2019 strong and go into 2020 with momentum.

Your future is in your past...

I tend to believe we over complicate things. I want to show how Less will give you more as you look at what’s next....

1. Take the time to write down everything that worked really well. Yesssss don’t think about it, write it out. See it. Measure it.

2. Now write down everything that didn’t work and see it. Now ask yourself these questions.

A. Do I need to abandon and apply that freed up time and double down on what has worked ?

B. Do I need to gain some further skill sets or knowledge so that it can generate a better results?

It’s really that simple.

And always remember. Don’t chase a moving target and find you are actually in avoidance of what is right in front of you that is working, that you need to shift a little bit or abandon