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The Kevin and Fred Show 

Mar 23, 2020

About the Episode

On this episode, I’m joined by Todd Sherer, CEO & Founder of Fleq; a company that’s revolutionizing what homeownership means; and instead of forcing people down the path of getting a mortgage, giving them a pathway to experience homeownership.


FLEQ is a fascinating concept that’s gotten many people talking because it adds important factors and points to the homeownership conversation. In an age where many young people are opting not to own homes, many have argued that traditional homeownership is on its way out. What Todd has done is give people “Flexible Equity”, a sustainable way to get people into homeownership, and a housing option that is attainable, flexible, affordable, sustainable and convenient. FLEQ has taken pieces of homeownership, timeshare and renting and they’ve created a new model and a completely new housing structure. 


Todd is an experienced founder with a demonstrated history of working in the real estate finance and the investment management industries. He is skilled in Asset Management, Mortgage-Backed Security (MBS), Real Estate Finance, and Capital Markets. His knowledge of mortgage originations and servicing has also contributed to Todd’s success. 


There are many people who are locked out of homeownership, by circumstance or by choice. Instead of having these people feel like they are constantly reaching for something they can never have, why not craft a product that suits them. This is where the FLEQ alliance comes in, homeownership that meets people where they are, and gives them flexibility, convenience and sustainable affordability. 

In Today’s Episode, We Talk About;


- How Todd got started in his career, and the aha moment that made him decide to fight a system as entrenched as mortgage. 

- The two dynamics that challenge home ownership, and the 4 hurdles of housing. 

- How the FLEQ concept of buying a home without a mortgage works, and frictionless relocation. 

- The difference between a mortgage and an alliance, and creating a homeownership tool that’s more like a swiss army knife. 

- The freedom that FLEQ gives to their alliance members. 

- The most misunderstood thing about FLEQ. 

- How Fleq is actually adding dollars to Realtors by expanding the home ownership market. 

Guest Info


Todd is the CEO and Founder of FLEQ, a company that believes home ownership is attainable without a large down payment, without difficult credit standards, taking on massive amounts of debt, and without long-term commitments. 


Contact: [email protected]