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The Kevin and Fred Show 

Sep 2, 2019

In today’s episode, we’re talking to Kenny Klaus, a successful real estate team owner, entrepreneur, and co-founder of iRealEstate Pro. After working at FedEx, he started his real estate career as a side-hustle and then levelled up to full-time. He started with the goal of getting out of debt, which he succeeded and exceeded by eventually starting his own highly successful team. With over 20 years in the industry, he’s an agent who has grown his business through solid business principles, kept consistent for a long period of time, and it has paid off. He has stayed really attached to his why, and doing that extra degree of work to move the needle. He is also passionate about arming agents with the tools to survive and thrive in iBuyer markets. 


Kenny’s success is all about being consumer-centric and going back to the most important part of our job as real estate agents, which is being the best possible representative for our clients, and with the advent of iBuyers, that includes educating them about this new disruption. This has led him, along with Dan Noma, to create iRealEstatePro, a resource for real estate agents. 


Many real estate agents are struggling in the world of iBuyers, and the bigger problem we’re facing is that we’re being left behind because we’re so divided in our industry, making it easier for disruptors to overtake us. If we unify in our message, and our goal to serve the clients and represent them at the highest level, we can thrive through the iBuyer revolution. It doesn’t matter what brand you’re with, we’re all Realtors and we need to get on the same page about how we’re messaging this new market we’re in. The truth is our customers want control certainty and convenience, sometimes even over equity, and if we present them with those options, we won’t just survive, we’ll thrive. 


On this episode we discussed;

02:55 - Why many part-time agents fail to make the transition to full-time.

10:23 - Why drive and motivation need to be constant and consistent. 

20:45 - iRealEstatePro and how it helps agents.

30:23 - How the real estate industry can unite in the face of iBuyers.  


Guest Info


Kenny Klaus is the Team Leader at the Kenny Klaus Team Real Estate Solutions and co-founder of iRealEstate Pro. With 20 years in the industry, Kenny is recognized nationally for his excellent track record and expertise.


Website: use the code NLA2019  to get $100 of the course.