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The Kevin and Fred Show 

May 18, 2020

In this episode, I’m joined by agent, real estate coach and podcaster, Jessica Lentz. She is a great example of the fact that it is possible to build a business with boundaries that allow us to lead a fulfilling life, without earning less money or struggling to get clients. Jessica has built a $15 million volume business, working 5 hours a day, and working only clients who are a good fit. By not compromising and prioritizing what she values, she has built a business that’s a vehicle for living her best life, not a trap. 


Jessica is a Realtor at Colorado Realty Pros and the Selling Dreams Team. She is in the top 1% of single agents in Colorado. She is also a real estate coach, speaker, teacher, and co-host of the podcast Home Girls. 


There are many types of successful real estate business models, and we do actually have the ability to choose what our business is going to be like. In order for this job to truly be a vehicle for freedom, we actually have to run it in a way that’s truly authentic to us. That means working with who we want to work with, building a business around what we love, and boundaries to protect what we value most. In this episode, Jessica shares how she has been able to be successful in real estate without getting away from what matters to her.  

In this episode, we discussed:

- Being more intentional with building and maintaining client relationships 

- How Jessica has built a successful business working 5 hours a day and setting boundaries. 

- Why success in real estate isn’t just about numbers and transactions. 

- Why Jessica chose to go against the grain and not follow the mega-agent path. 

- The truth about having it all. 

- How to get good at setting boundaries and why people don’t do it in the first place. 

- Jessica’s podcast 

- Jessica’s top 3 pieces of advice for kicking ass 


Guest Info


Jessica is a Realtor, real estate coach and co-host of the Home Girls podcast. 


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