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The Kevin and Fred Show 

Apr 20, 2020


 Things We Learned from John Marrone  



“Your income is directly proportional to the questions you ask your clients.”

86% of homebuyers don’t think their agent understands their problem, and that’s because they don’t bother to really go deep in understanding them. For every “what” a client says they are looking for, go three “whys” deep.  


“People don’t have a result problem, they have a system problem.”

Our results are driven off of our actions, our actions are driven off emotions, and our emotions are driven off our thoughts and the conversations we have with ourselves. Most people are feeding their minds with fake things that don’t benefit them and that holds them back from greatness. Daily self-awareness is a trait of the successful because it helps them separate the harmful thoughts from the beneficial ones. 


“Ego robs you from your higher self. You cannot grow with a high ego.” 

Ego is a shield because it makes you think you know everything, it makes you selfish, and it makes it hard for you to grow and become a better version of yourself. It puts a ceiling on our development.  




On this episode we discussed;

  • Why most people who get to their success fast lose it just as quickly 
  • The keys to increasing your conversion 
  • How to find certainty 
  • How to develop your muscle for closing 
  • Why transformation happens outside of motivation 
  • What holds people back from being great 
  • It’s not a money problem it’s a daily habit problem 


Guest Info


John is a transformational speaker, coach and growth expert. He is a Master storyteller who connects with the audience and engages them while inspiring them. He gives people best daily practices and habits, and lessons on how to run a successful business, sales conversion and more. 




Social Media: @realjohnmarrone