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The Kevin and Fred Show 

Feb 10, 2020

About the Episode

On this episode, I’m joined by Arizona native, broker, and real estate tech entrepreneur Kyle Wyloge. What’s unique about Kyle’s story in real estate that it is his first and only career, and his career has evolved and taken on many iterations to get him to where he is today. He has used every market shift as a learning opportunity, and through his own business need observed a gap in the market he could fill with the new data project he has developed, Ivy.
Software is the most valuable thing on earth right now, and by connecting software and real estate, Kyle has uncovered a highly in-demand product that can benefit our entire industry.
Growing the user base of 700 customers in 9 months just shows how well his brainchild is catching on.
Kyle is the owner and partner of The Momentum Group; which includes a real estate brokerage, property management company, development company, and a real estate investment fund. His responsibilities range from project marketing, property underwriting, project development, fund management and oversight of the growth and stability of the companies.
In Today’s Episode, We Talk About;
- Why real estate appealed to Kyle and how his business evolved through the different phases of real estate.
- The Phoenix market in the REO days
- Investing in property in Colorado
- How to go directly to the seller for your acquisition on the investment side
- Ivy and the power of having data and the right information on who you’re calling
- Who is Ivy for and how has it evolved.
- What Kyle is excited about currently, what he has changed his mind about recently and something cool about him.
Guest Info
Kyle is a broker, investor, real estate tech entrepreneur and the founder of Ivy.



Contact: [email protected]