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Kevin and Fred's NEXT LEVEL Podcast

Aug 12, 2019

New Agent Builds Massive Business By Focusing On Her Niche 

About the Episode

On today’s episode, I talk to REALTOR, marketing strategist, philanthropist and Gig Harbor’s local connector and agent of choice, Paige Schulte. In just 2 years and 4 months, she went from new agent in a new area, to running a $3 million dollar business as a solo agent. She has developed really deep roots in the community, a very effective  social media marketing strategy and voice, and the ability to work in her “zone of happiness”. 

Paige learned early on, by running her own company in California, the importance of creating a niche specifically tailored to her own personality. Seeing an opportunity for creating authentic and genuine marketing she set her focus on that. Paige employs the power of video because it lets you show up on a regular basis with the human touch. She uses Direct Messaging and Instagram stories which have resulted in her becoming a local celebrity. She shows up every day on Insta stories and people come to rely on it. 

The biggest mistakes many agents make, especially when they are new to the game, is thinking that they should be everything to everyone, but the truth is, a brokerage for everybody is a brokerage for nobody. A scarcity mindset makes us feel like there isn’t enough business to go around, but if we drill down on our ideal client and area, we can build a business that truly makes us happy. We will also be able to create the kind of content people will want to have coffee with us over, and become a resource for what they care about. According to Paige, “getting focused on who I was showing up to serve helped create really deep roots quikly rather than trying to be everything to everyone.” 


The lesson we learn from Paige is that we don’t just have the opportunity to build a business, we can design one to suit our lives and the things we care about. Paige’s goal is to eventually be so niched down to a micro-market that she serves her neighbourhood. We don’t have to serve huge cities and towns to make a good income and still balance that with everything else in our lives. 

In Today’s Episode, We Talk About;


01:44 - How she dealt with the uphill battle of being a new agent and working in a new city. 

03:56 - The importance of focus and niching down. 

07:05 - Video content and why it’s still an open opportunity in our industry. 

10:40 - How Paige’s business is set up with freelance and one-time employees. 

13:42 - Why she chose to go deep, not wide on her social media platforms. 

17:06 - Why Paige doesn’t go outside of her zone of happiness geographically. 

23:27 - Referrals and why they are the best return on our time. 

27:15 - Why Paige doesn’t have social links on her website. 

Guest Info


Paige is a REALTOR, marketing strategist, philanthropist and Gig Harbor’s local connector.