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The Kevin and Fred Show 

May 11, 2020

On this episode we discussed;

  • How Patrick Dean found his way into personal development and leadership training 
  • The difference between informational, motivational, and transformational training. How our own inner stories control us. 
  • Patrick’s three careers from deckhand to transformational training and what he learned from each chapter 
  • The importance of simplicity around what matters most to us, how to unlock a powerful purpose. 
  • Common things that cause people to be aware of the story they are telling themselves. How our group programming impacts our decision making. 
  • How to start fixing the stories we tell ourselves. 
  • The importance of marketing with humility, and why curiosity is the true key to success. 


Additional Quotes 


The end result of being successful is being able to have your life the way you want it.  -Patrick Dean


In order to live a more fulfilled life, we need to create a different story. -Kevin Kauffman  


The attraction of certainty and energy is powerful. -Patrick Dean  


One quality that trumps all other qualities in creating success and relationships, and that’s curiosity. -Patrick Dean


More About Patrick 


Patrick is a Life-Coach and Mentor with over 35 years of experience in the transformational training space. He helps professionals who feel stuck in their current career identify the true purpose and passion in life. 



To learn more about Patricks’s Samurai Men’s Training send an email to [email protected]