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The Kevin and Fred Show 

Oct 14, 2019

About the Episode

On this episode, I talk to Steve Trang, a real estate entrepreneur who runs 3 real estate operations, an app and a successful podcast.  The success he has had is in large part due to the fact that he shifted his mindset from real estate agent to entrepreneur. He is the founder of the Real Estate Disruptors movement. He started his podcast in the middle of 2018 to inspire wholesalers and real estate agents to double their incomes by adding a second leg to their business. The podcast has now grown to ten thousand followers with new members of the community sharing their success story every week.


Steve also created the OfferFast Homes app. The purpose of the app is to help wholesalers jumpstart their career faster by putting all of the buyers in one place. The hope is to minimize the challenge of building a buyer list when getting started in wholesaling.


Steve's legacy will be to create 100 Millionaires. One of his favorite quotes is from the great Zig Ziglar: "You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want." 


He heard this quote when he first got into real estate, and it has stuck with him throughout his entire career. In fact, it's essentially one of the core values Steve lives by.


Since starting the Brokerage in 2013, Stunning Homes Realty has over 100 agents. In the greater Phoenix area, his company has almost 1% market share. 1 in every 145 homes is sold by Stunning Homes Realty.


When we shift our mindset and identity from real estate agent to a business owner who sells real estate, we change everything. It opens us up to more opportunities, and it allows us to be visionaries who are working towards bold goals and aspirations. This shift will also help us delegate more, empower the people around us and level up to the best use of our time. 


In Today’s Episode, We Talk About;


- How Steve found structure early in his real estate career. 

- Wholesaling and how it works. 

- How Steve divides his time between 3 real estate operations, a podcast and an app. 

- What drives Steve’s goal to help create 100 millionaires

- The OfferFast Homes app. 

- What’s going to happen with wholesaling as the market shifts 

- Steve’s top tips for kicking more ass in life and business. 

Guest Info


Chris is a broker/owner, entrepreneur, wholesaler and podcast host. He is the founder of the Real Estate Disruptors movement, the OfferFast Homes app, and Stunning Homes Realty. 





The 4 Disciplines of Execution: Achieving Your Wildly Important Goals byChris McChesney, Jim Huling, and Sean Covey


Traction by Gino Wickman