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The Kevin and Fred Show 

Oct 21, 2019

About the Episode

My guest today is Brad Inman, a man who has revolutionized real estate by informing and empowering agents through his site, Inman News. His passion for entrepreneurship, giving the underdog a voice, changing the industry to create a better consumer experience and engaging with people, is a huge reason he has gained so much respect in the industry. 


The amount of change in our industry is driving so much panic and uncertainty, and Iman News has always been a place agents can turn to for the real truth about where the industry is and where it’s going. By not reporting only on things that are positive or politically correct in the industry, his platform helps agents build stronger businesses that can survive and thrive to different shifts and phases. 


Brad is an award-winning journalist and publisher and the founder and owner of Inman, real estate’s leading name in news, information and innovation. His knowledge of the real estate industry dates back to his days as a syndicated real estate columnist with the San Francisco Examiner. In addition, his Inman-branded real estate business and technology conferences bring thousands of thought leaders together each year to share best practices and promote innovation. 


In order to navigate these uncertain times in our industry, we need to understand the need for emotional, market and technology intelligence. The emotional intelligence part is key because it helps us serve our people better, and it helps us build relationships, because these relationships will demystify these uncertain times. At the end of the day,  people are looking for collaboration, counsel, and advice. If we provide that, we’ll make it through any shift.  

In Today’s Episode, We Talk About;

  • The importance of changing the industry to create a better consumer experience. 
  •  What Brad wishes all Realtors were aware of, and how to control the erosion of buyer/seller relationships. 
  •  Why Brad operates without calendars and some of the downsides of technology. 
  • Why he advocates for the people that don’t have a voice.  
  • The opiate crisis and how it’s devastating communities and families.  
  • How to make sense of all the uncertainty in the industry now.