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The Kevin and Fred Show 

Dec 17, 2019

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Agents ensnared in 'Newsday' investigation boycott housing discrimination hearing

NRT CEO Ryan Gorman was the only one of 68 agents and company representatives to show at New York State Senate hearing in the wake of the 'Newsday' fair housing investigation


In an apparent act of solidarity that did not please lawmakers, all but one of the 68 agents and company representatives asked to appear Thursday at a New York State Senate hearing on housing discrimination failed to show, Newsday reports.

In response, the Senate Committee on Investigations and Government Operations announced subpoenas would be served to no-show agents to “compel their testimony,” according to Newsday, which revealed evidence of systemic violations of fair housing laws on Long Island during a three-year investigation.


“The remaining 67 individuals either neglected to respond or outright refused to provide testimony,” Sen. James Skoufis said, according to Newsday. “There’s an easy way to go about things and a hard way. So following today subpoenas will be served to many of these individuals to compel their testimony.”




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