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The Kevin and Fred Show 

Feb 3, 2020

About the Episode

On this episode, I’m joined by former real estate agent and now tech company founder and owner, Chris Jones. His platform, Guerilla Realty provides lead generation and valuable tools and resources to real estate agents, and its success is rooted in Chris’ own experience selling homes. It is a business founder on the internal need of his real estate company, and ultimately Chris discovered that there was a market need for what he was providing. Chris joins us to talk about his journey, success, lessons and losses along the way. 

Chris is the co-founder and owner of Guerilla Realty. When he was an agent, he found himself working 90+ hours per week doing everything he was “supposed to do”, but still not selling any houses. That’s when he threw everything he knew out the window and went back to his technology background. He together some primitive lead capture tools and then ran free ads to people he were buying, and his business exploded. That’s how Guerilla Realty was born. 



In Today’s Episode, We Talk About;


On this episode we discussed;

  • How Chris got into real estate, and 
  • How he eventually made the choice to go into software full-time. 
  • How they grew their team by giving out free tools. 
  • Something he’s excited about, something he has changed his might on and something many people don’t know about him. 
  • Why Chris doesn’t do marketing to scale anymore.